Hand Arm Vibration

Hand Arm Vibration, or HAV’s, is a painful and disabling condition caused by power tools and machinery. If you regularly work with power tools, compactor plates, road saws and breakers, brush cutters, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers, or any other power tools, you could be at risk.

Hand arm vibration

Here at Brandon Hire, we always try to supply you with low-vibration tools that are well maintained, along with expert advice and guidance. There are some simple measures you can take to protect yourself:

If you’re an employer, our nationwide team of HAV specialists can help you assess risk, then minimise or even prevent it, tailor-making guidance and solutions to your particular circumstances. And we have the largest database of independent field data, as well as the latest in HAV management systems, including:

Brandon Hire have produced a set of HAV data posters in PDF format with each poster displaying HAV data for five groups of tools and equipment:

  1. Landscape, Gardening and Site Preparation Tools and Equipment
  2. Power Tools
  3. Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Tools
  4. Construction Tools Part 1 & 2

By clicking on the blue View Downloads button below you can access a range of posters with manufacturers HAV data, HSE HAV 'Points' per hour, Time to reach Exposure Action Value (EAV), Exposure Limit Values (ELV) and sound pressure - dB(A). Manufacturers HAV data may not represent the actual vibration levels encountered in the workplace but, it is extremely useful for carrying out initial risk assessments.

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If you require HAV data on specific tools and equipment please email targetrisk@brandonhire.co.uk with the manufacturers name, model, description and your specific application and we will advise you on the data available.

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