Noise at Work

Noise at work

Losing your hearing because of noisy working conditions is a real problem. Around 170,000 people in Britain suffer ear conditions such as tinnitus (constant noise in the ear), or even deafness because they’ve had to work in conditions that are too noisy.

Hiring quieter equipment can be the most cost effective solution - by saving you money in terms of introducing noise reduction measures. So we make sure that we source kit that’s as quiet as possible.

If you’ve done all you can to minimise noise and you can prove there’s nothing more you can do about it, then you need hearing protection. Getting the right equipment is vital, and we can give you expert help and advice with:

You need to ensure your workers all know which protection to wear and that it is compatible with any other PPE they’re expected to wear.

We work closely with INVC, who are IOSH approved and the largest provider of noise competency training in the UK and Ireland.

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