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A robust heater for more demanding environments.

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Intended as spot heating systems for small/medium industry, commercial and residential applications. As neither free flames nor emissions are produced, these units are suitable for use also in special applications where the use of traditional fuels such as gas and diesel is not allowed. Can be used in closed environments.


The heating elements generate heat by Joule effect and the axial fan produces an airflow that is warmed up as it flows around the heating elements. Clean, warm air is released from the front outlet. The heating function is controlled by the built-in safety/room thermostat to keep a constant temperature and to prevent overheating.

The safety devices fitted guarantee safe and reliable operation. The built-in room thermostat provides an automatic room climate control and the adjustable thermal output allows to fit the unit performance to different heating needs and to reduce energy costs.A robust heater for more demanding environments.

  • Output: 3kw with two heat settings

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