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Hire this compact steam cleaner from Brandon Tool Hire for healthcare, retail, industrial, care homes and veterinary environments or, any cleaning application where hygiene is critical.

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This compact steam cleaner vacuum is ideal for a vast array of environments including healthcare, retail, industrial, care homes, veterinary and any environment where strict hygiene standards are required.

The steam cleaner use superheated water to produce dry steam vapour. This vapour contains only about 5% water. Using dry steam minimises disruption as cleaning by this method does not use excessive quantities of water.

The steam cleaner is complete with integral trolley and ‘tools which allow a multitude of cleaning tasks to be performed quickly and easily unlike more traditional methods which can be extremely difficult and time consuming.

Continuous flow means automatic refilling from the machine’s reserve tank and non-stop operation making the Jet Vac Compact a robust machine for all commercial applications.

The vacuum function of the Jet Vac Compact speeds up cleaning by removing dislodged dirt and grime without the separate task of wiping away with a cloth or mop.

The steam cleaner has been tested by an independent laboratory for their efficacy against hospital-acquired infections compared with traditional methods of cleaning.

  • Weight: 20kg
  • Pressure: 5 bar
  • Steam Volume:97gm/min
  • Water Capacity: 10l

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