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Hydraulic Toe Jacks that can lift head or toe with low toe height

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Reduced front profile, which permits the insertion of the jack in very limited load spaces. The 5tonne capacity jack has a claw height of only 41 mm above ground level for lifting of loads from a very low height.

 The claw is manufactured in high tensile steel sliding inside the jack and therefore perfectly guided, and with excellent resistance to off-centre loads.

This jack is very easy to use, even in heavy-duty conditions because of the single mechanism operating both the pump and the release valve and the sturdy extended base ensures lateral stability

 Built in relief valve and a mechanical stop prevents over stroking of the piston.


This jack, designed with a high safety factor to operate in heavy-duty conditions, is made from steel without any aluminium components. It is widely used in the machinery moving, mining, ship repair and railway industries.


L414/437 5 Tonne
LE76 10 Tonne
LL89 Swivel Toe 5 Tonne

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