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Fluorescent tripod light with built in power pack.

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Fluorescent tripod light with built in power pack. Maintains a source of light in the event of a mains system failure.

  • Twin 110v  take-off sockets
  • Wired with 5m cable
  • Can be linked with plasterer’s lights and wobble lights
  • 58w

A fluorescent tripod light with its own built in power pack, the purpose of which is to maintain a source of light should the mains system fail.

The 1.6metre, 58 watt fluorescent tube is encapsulated within a polycarbonate enclosure, which also contains a four cell power pack. The pack is trickle charged during normal operation, but if the power supply should fail, the light will continue to operate for up to three hours powered entirely by the back-up power pack.

The unit is designed to be linked into other fluorescent lighting by means of the twin “power take off sockets” located at the base of the tripod stand. This makes the light ideal for use in site refurbishment work or in new building sites where many can be linked together through corridors, down stairways and in open work areas. The light can also be used on its own, but has the added safety benefit in the event of a power failure.

The health and safety benefits to be gained from the emergency backup light are obvious as often work is be carried out where no natural light occurs such as in basements, roof spaces and inner rooms.

A failure of the lighting system could create a multitude of hazards but the emergency back-up light allows the safe movement of people to safety.

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