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Hire an electric floor grinder From Brandon Tool Hire for removing floor paints, rubber adhesives, carpet backing, carpet glue and bitumens

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The Refina PD250 is a diamond grinder available with a range of grinding heads that can grind most types of hard floors including concrete and terrazzo.It is ideal for surface preparation prior to the application of epoxy coatings and floor paints. It will effectively remove rubber deposits, adhesives, bituminous coatings and impacted dirt from factory floors. A profiled surface is left that provides a suitable key for resurfacing.

Abrasive heads include diamond discs for removing floor surfaces and coatings, tungsten discs for abrading the surface and carborundum cones for grinding and smoothing concrete and stone
The design is simple and the machine is easy to set up and use.
The 110 volt model is fitted with a 32 amp plug and needs to run off a 5kva transformer.

*Additional charges apply for the diamond grinding heads

  • for grinding off concrete & laitance
  • prepping epoxy & latex
  • smoothing out trowel marks
  • resurfacing old concrete & slabs
  • taking off concrete surface laitance
  • stripping floor coatings & paints
  • removing membranes & hardeners
  • renovating & maintaining factory floors
  • finishing & levelling terrazzo
  • taking off adhesives & sealers
  • levelling & removing latex

Technical specifications

  • Speed1400rpm
  • Weight65kg
  • SizeWxL42x84cm
  • Height105cm
  • Disc250mm
  • Prep rate60m/hr
  • Vibration level6.5m/s
  • Noise level79dBA
  • Voltage110v
  • Transformer5kva, 32 amp plug


The bolt on mini plates are available with a wide range of segment types, bonds and diamond grits, extending the variety of floors and surfaces that the grinder can successfully grind, level, prep, finish and polish.

The blue mini-plates are for grinding and reducing concrete and are available in abrasive sizes down to 250 grit and are suitable for smoothing and finishing concrete.

The silver mini plates are for removing surface coatings and toppings including epoxy paints, adhesive residues and latex.

The new PCD polycrystalline diamond segments are high tech abrasive tools for reducing and removing floor toppings and difficult to remove coatings and adhesives, black jack and bitumens, latex, cement toppings and epoxy. The PCD discs are cost effectiveto use because of their long life on toppings and coatings. The coarse grit plates are for floor paint and coating removal; they will effectively remove rubber deposits, glass fibre and impacted dirt from factory floors


• diamond abrasive mini plates

• for grinding off concrete surfaces & contaminants

• removing membranes & hardeners

• latex & cement based adhesives

• epoxy paints & finishes

• adhesive residues & black jack

• bitumens & waterproofers

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