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Hire a high performance drum sander for achieving a professional finish on floorboards, block, parquet and composite floors from Brandon Tool Hire 0870 514 3391.

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Our floor sander is a high performance 200mm (8”) drum floor sander that will level and sand all types of wooden floors, including parquet to a fine score free finish, suitable for finishing with today’s modern waterborne lacquers and oils. The sander can also be used on a wide range of other surfaces including some types of decking, fibre board, cork and composition floors.

Completely self contained with a high efficiency dust pickup, the floor sander breaks down into three simple component parts for easy transport. The high impact ABS injection moulded side guards and drum guard will not scar or scuff walls.

The reversible clamp bar makes it easy for the user to fit abrasives, quickly and accurately.

The floor sander motor ensures a fast, consistent production rate making it easy for the user to get a regular and uniform finish across the whole floor area and throughout the complete range of abrasive grits.

The design of the motor, means the motor provides varying levels of power depending on load – ideal for floor sanding and can be powered through any standard domestic supply without nuisance tripping or blowing fuses. Floor sander disposable paper dust bags are the most efficient, convenient, cost effective and safest method for the collection and disposal of dust created during the floor sanding process and are available to purchase from our branches .

  • Weight: 44kg

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