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Brandon Hire Group is committed to equality of opportunity and diversity in all its employment practices. Each employee or potential employee will receive equal treatment regardless of their race, gender, disability, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation, family status or any other factor.

For more than 40 years tool hire has been at the core of what we do. This means our customers know they're hiring from a name they can trust, a company with experience and knowledge.

This solid base has provided us with a platform to build from, so as well as our core operation we have been able to invest in special services, such as lifting and pipe hire, powered access, welding and training. This has allowed us to become a one-stop shop for our customers, opening up new sectors to us.

Although our roots are in the South West, we are a national business with an extensive branch network across the country. We are continuing to grow through acquisition and branch openings.

As a company we are committeed to supporting the communities within which we operate. Initaitives such as Toolshare, which gives charities the chance to apply for free tool hire to complete local projects, is just one way that we can make a valuable contribution.

We also recognise that the success of our business is down to the great people we employ. This means we value our employees and invest in staff training and recognition. We hold Investors in People status.

We take great pride in the fact that many of our staff have been with us for a long time. Part of the attraction is the variety of jobs and opportunities that are available - from working in one of our branches or supoprt services to a range of managerial positions.

BH Number Job Title Area Location Date Apply Online
BH1136 Accounting Services Manager Head Office 14 05/07/2018 Apply
BH1133 Assistant Branch Manager South East 10 02/07/2018 Apply
BH1145 Assistant Branch Manager Scotland & North England 1 09/07/2018 Apply
BH1146 Assistant Branch Manager Midlands 4 10/07/2018 Apply
BH1149 Assistant Branch Manager South 9 11/07/2018 Apply
BH1143 Assistant Branch Manager South West 7 09/07/2018 Apply
BH1088 Assistant Manager London 11 09/04/2018 Apply
BH1058 Assistant Manager London 11 09/04/2018 Apply
BH1116 Assistant Manager South West 7 31/05/2018 Apply
BH944 Branch Lifting Engineer South Wales & Avon 5 05/09/2017 Apply
BH911 Branch Manager East 6 31/10/2017 Apply
BH1162 Branch Manager South 9 23/07/2018 Apply
BH1164 Branch Manager West Country 8 06/08/2018 Apply
BH1166 Branch Manager South 9 06/08/2018 Apply
BH1168 Branch Manager East 5 06/08/2018 Apply
BH1157 Credit Controller Head Office - Bristol 14 12/07/2018 Apply
BH1176 Credit Controller Head Office 14 08/08/2018 Apply
BH1071 Driver London 11 01/03/2018 Apply
BH1117 Driver Scotland & North England 1 07/06/2018 Apply
BH1118 Driver Scotland & North England 1 07/06/2018 Apply
BH1125 Driver London 11 07/06/2018 Apply
BH1126 Driver/Branch Assistant South 9 18/06/2018 Apply
BH1134 Driver/Branch Assistant South 9 02/07/2018 Apply
BH1141 Driver/Branch Assistant Yorkshire & Humberside 2 09/07/2018 Apply
BH1148 Driver/Branch Assistant West Country 8 10/07/2018 Apply
BH1158 Driver/Branch Assistant South 9 16/07/2018 Apply
BH1161 Driver/Branch Assistant East 5 20/07/2018 Apply
BH1172 Driver/Branch Assistant South 9 07/08/2018 Apply
BH1181 Driver/Branch Assistant South 9 13/08/2018 Apply
BH1175 Driver/Hire Assistant Scotland & North England 1 07/08/2018 Apply
BH1167 Events & Toilet Operator East 5 06/08/2018 Apply
BH1174 Events & Toilet Operator South West 7 07/08/2018 Apply
BH1178 Events & Toilet Operator South East 10 08/08/2018 Apply
BH1152 Events & Toilet Operator (temp until end Sept 2018) South 8 12/07/2018 Apply
BH1160 Events & Toilet Operator (Temporary until end Sept 2018) South Wales & Avon 6 18/07/2018 Apply
BH1064 Fitter East 6 22/02/2018 Apply
BH1082 Fitter South Wales & Avon 6 15/03/2018 Apply
BH989 Fitter South Wales & Avon 6 12/04/2018 Apply
BH1165 Fitter West Country 8 06/08/2018 Apply
BH1171 Fitter North West & North Wales 3 06/08/2018 Apply
BH1177 Fitter South 9 08/08/2018 Apply
BH1179 Fitter South 9 10/08/2018 Apply
BH1180 Fitter London 11 10/08/2018 Apply
BH1108 Fitter / Driver South West 7 15/05/2018 Apply
BH1150 Fleet Administrator Head Office - Bristol 14 11/07/2018 Apply
BH1124 Hire Controller London 11 07/06/2018 Apply
BH1153 Hire Controller London 11 11/07/2018 Apply
BH1173 Hire Controller South West 7 07/08/2018 Apply
BH1051 Lifting Fitter London 11 30/01/2018 Apply
BH1107 Lifting Fitter / Engineer South West 7 16/05/2018 Apply
BH1170 Lifting Technician Scotland & North England 1 06/08/2018 Apply
BH1112 Temporary Driver West Country 8 22/05/2018 Apply

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